At JFCS, Volunteers are needed in many different capacities.  Whether for a one-time project or an ongoing volunteer program, JFCS volunteers are an intrinsic part of delivering services to those in need in northern NJ. In 2019 alone, volunteers spent over 3,000 hours donating their time to various JFCS programs. From delivering Kosher Meals-on-Wheels to homebound seniors, to running a Food Drive for one of our food pantries. JFCS offers several volunteer opportunities to work with children, seniors, or Holocaust survivors. At JFCS, we like to get to know our volunteers so we can match them with the type of contribution they would most like to make. 


JFCS volunteers come from diverse backgrounds and volunteer independently, with family members, school groups, or as a personalized Mitzvah Project. The only requirements for the role are enthusiasm and a desire to give back to the community. Volunteering can often provide direct benefits to the volunteer as well – the majority of volunteers report an improved mood, lower stress levels, and increased self-esteem by giving back. 

Many people take on a service project as part of the preparation for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony or as part of a school or community project.  A Mitzvah Project is a meaningful way to make a difference and learn the values of “doing good.” A Mitzvah Project can be tailored to an individual’s talents and interests.  At JFCS, we can assign you a Mitzvah Coach who can help you build a personalized, hands-on, volunteer opportunity adding value to our agency programs.

For more information, please email  Or call (201) 837-9090 x251.