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A holistic approach to helping the unemployed and underemployed.

A holistic approach to helping the unemployed and underemployed


Although the recession is now 10 years in the past, many professionals are still recovering. Some have lost traction during these years, settling into lover level, lower paid, or part time positons.  We are here to help. 


Whether you are unemployed, under-employed or in a job that simply isn’t right for you, let’s brainstorm so that the next steps are the right steps.


A strong, effective resume is your calling card, a way to positively position yourself and highlight your skills. Do not distribute a resume that yells 1980s!  Be sure you reflect a fresh, smart and succinct snapshot of who you are. 


Come meet with us to be sure your skills & experiences are expressed in the best light.


  • Resume building

  • Interview coaching and mock interviews

  • Navigating the job search process

  • Career mentoring

  • Skills / group workshops

  • Partnership referrals for specialized training and advanced education

  • Cover letter guidance

  • Confidence building


Call or email Sandra Leshaw, Director, Re-Launch Career Services at 201-837-9090 or by email at to discuss our sliding scale fees.