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You can reach JFCS at 201.837.9090. If you need to reach someone in particular, please email

Susan Greenbaum, LCSW, Chief Executive Officer

Jessica Fleischer, LCSW, Chief Operations Officer   

Peter Rudolph, Chief Financial Officer

Michele Wellikoff, LCSW Chief Development Officer

Allison Limmer, LCSW Director of Clinical Services

Patricia Stoll, Director of Senior Services 

Suad Gacham, Director of School Based Services  

Sandra Leshaw, Director Re-Launch Career Services 

Michael Danzig, Director of Marketing 

Mary Bongiovanni, Office Manager / Assistant to CEO    


Alice Blass, LSW, Holocaust Care Manager 

Ania Jarmulowicz, LCSW, Clinician 

Carol Kasten-Huff, Receptionist

Carolyn Himmelhoch, Senior Staff Accountant

Dassi Lowenstein (Hadassah), Database and Quality Assurance Manager

Deana Leswing, Assistant to Director of Senior Services 

Debbie Fox, LCSW, Senior Clinician   

Donna Bernstein, Receptionist   

Ebenezer Aryee, Accounting Analyst

Eileen Cuevas-Perez, LAC Clincian

Elaine Ashare, Receptionist 

Elizabeth Girvin-Marcus, Administrative Assistant/Receptionist

Emily Lester, Food Pantry Coordinator

Eric Alimoh, CSW/MSW, Care Manager

Eric Larson, LAC, Clinician

Etti Hochberg, LCSW Clinician

Faith O'Connor, Care Manager

Francine Cuff, KMOW Program Coordinator

Jennifer Navarro, Billing Supervisor

Kassandra Morgan, Club Ed Administrative Assistant

Katie Wolchko, Grants Associate

Lara Cohen Harelick, Cafe Europa Coordinator

Laura Kearney, LCSW Clinician

Lauren J. Waddell, LSW Clinician

Laurie Lieberman, LCSW Clinician

Leslie-Ann Fromen, LCSW School based Social Worker

Linda O'Rourke, Receptionist

Linda Poleyeff, MSW Community Outreach Social Worker

Lisa Schwarz, Senior Nutritionist 

Mahdi Ghahary, LPC Clinician

Michael Dworkis, LPC, Agency Intake

Michele Metz, KMOW Coordinator Wayne 

Mildred Pagan, Billing Support Specialist

Miriam Sloane, LSW, Clinician

Nancy Gillon LCSW, Clinician

Nicole Josephson, LSW Clinician

Ornit Peleg, LCSW Clinical/Program Director of Israeli Community Engagement

Pam Shipley, LPC Clinician

Patrick Kidd, Volunteer Coordinator 

Paula Rozner, LSW Community Outreach Social worker

Pearl Taylor, Receptionist 

Renee Shand Lubbers, LPC/LAC, Clinician 

Reva Tokayer, LSW, Clinician

Romy Jagid, LSW, Clinician

Sara Yarmak Atwood, LCSW, Clinician

Stacey Frenkel,  Development Coordinator

Stacie Greenberg, Care Manager 

Susan Goldstein, Care Manager 

Theodora (Teddi) Hunter, LSW, Clinician

Victoria (Tori) Cappo, Case Manager

Yana Ovcharik, Care Manager